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The Victory is Yours! – a poem

If you have ever suffered from depression like I have, my hope is that you have also experienced God’s peace through it at some point.
If not, then maybe this poem I wrote while dealing with a deep depression will show you how and why you should do everything in your power to seek and find a connection to God. Family and friends will not always understand, but God will always be there waiting for you to reach out to Him so He can heal you, bless you, and give you hope for an amazing future.
Depression is not an indication that we are not close to God, or that we are not actively seeking God, or that God has turned His back on us. Depression is a part of our lives because humans have allowed sin into the world.
If we turn ourselves over to His capable healing, God will not let the depression consume us. He slowly turns the pit into a blessing that brings us closer to Him. He turns the pit into blessings that cannot be received any other way. He turns the pit into hope.

Seek God today, and find hope.

“The Victory is Yours”
by Julie Ruspoli

Life is difficult, a roller coaster out of control.
I seek the Lord for guidance, praying daily for His Peace.
It is a light at the end of a tunnel.

The more of my life I give to God, the closer the light becomes.
Total submission to Him has brought this victory.

Finally, I am ready to step out of the tunnel, my Lord’s outstretched hand I faintly see.
As I reach to take his hand, I feel intense pain as knives are thrust into my back.
Trust in man has failed me once again.

The numbness of betrayal sets upon my heart.
As I lay paralyzed, I cry out to my God, “Why now Lord? Why now?”

My Lord answers with a whisper in my ear,
“Because my child, I have one more hurt you must endure.
It will give you strength for the plans I have for you.”

My heart is sad and broken in two.
The will to go on is faint as I picture my life in ruins.
Too weak to move, my Lord whispers once again, “Worship Me for strength my child.”

I hear another voice, Satan whispers in my ear as he shows my past mistakes.
His voice is tender but burns my heart; he says I should relive the past.

Confusion is upon me, my mind races for direction.
Satan coaxes me to cope with hurts without my God or His plan.
He whispers “send Him away; you don’t need God or His music in your life.”

I hear God cry out my name, “My child I love you, worship Me for strength!”
Cradled in my Fathers hands, a memory struggles to the surface.
A memory with music.

I hear a women’s urgent song, she cries out, “Lord I seek You,” her face I cannot see.
She is seeking God for strength.
Her victory over Satan is revealed as she raises her arms in praise to God.

Then I see her face in a familiar room.
My face.
Alone in my room, praising God in solitude.

Finally, I feel that past victory in this memory.
I Must feel it completely, but I cannot move.
“My God,” I cry, “Help me please!”

He answers and I am no longer paralyzed.
I embrace the solitude and God’s music in my room.
In the darkness I close my eyes and listen to our song, too numb to sing the words aloud I recite them silently.

Once again, God whispers to me, “My child, I am always here & will never forsake you. I sent My Son for you!”
Tears flow and soak my face.

As I sit up, I cry out, “I am seeking you Father. I sit at Your feet upon my bed.”

Then my arms I wrap around myself as they hold His strong arms tight.
I lay against my Lord and breath, His heartbeat is so strong.

God’s love overwhelms me and more tears flow.
His peace fills my soul as I drink from His cup.
God did not fail me, His promise did not end.

Repeatedly I listen to our song and sing along until the numbness is gone.
Then I am whole once again and God’s Peace has returned to completely flood my soul.
I cry out to my God and I sing the song to Him as I stand, I raise my hands, in praise and victory again.

Once again, the tunnel end is near.
I see the bright light clearly as I reach a trembling hand unto my Lord.
My hand he holds tightly.
With joy I step into the light.

Father, Now I am ready for Your plan!
The Victory is Yours!

Seeking God and what it means to me!

Seeking God is remembering Him all day, no matter what I do, where I go, who I am with, what I am doing, what I listen to, what I watch and most importantly, what I think.

Although at first, it is difficult to constantly think about God all day, it is possible with practice. Having a desire to seek God in everything is important. When we become a Christian, we are actually required and encouraged to seek God and grow a relationship with Him. The bible talks about seeking God and why we should, and even how to seek him.

Matthew 6:33
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else…

Mark 12:30
And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.’

I could write a book about seeking God, (actually I am) but this is a blog not a book. So, these are my first thoughts about seeking God. It is possible to keep God in our thoughts all day… and I’m not saying its easy at first, do whatever will help you keep God in your thoughts. I began by wearing a bracelet with a bible verse on it. Now if I am working on something with God, I wear a blue piece of yarn around my wrist… read Numbers 15 for the reason. We will never be a big enough Christian that we don’t need reminders sometimes.

When you have the joy and peace of God in your soul and you can really feel it… you should want to keep those feelings alive. I call it my warm fuzzy God feeling. Seeking God in everything will help keep these feelings alive and ultimately continue growing these feelings and your relationship with God. Whenever you think you are so full of God’s peace and joy that you can’t possibly feel it any stronger, you will be surprised because the very next day you will feel that way again when you realize those feelings have grown.

Music…this is an important part of my life that helps me remember to keep God in my life, keep my warm fuzzy feeling, and keep my thoughts on Him. Of course it is not a sin to listen to ‘secular’ music. But let me tell you, now that I really can keep God in my thoughts all day and I seek Him in everything… listening to secular music does nothing at all for me. Sure sometimes it’s nice to listen to old 70’s music from highschool, or some country music thats fun; but nothing makes me feel the joy and peace of God as Christian music. When you truly feel God’s peace and joy, you don’t want to ever let it go and you will do anything to keep it.

Another way I keep focused on God is to start the day focusing on God. I make sure I have time every morning to read my Bible and spend time praying and talking with God.

Everyone will have a different aspect of their life and a way to seek God that keeps them focused on Him… with me it is music and my morning quiet time with God. Find your own way(s) to seek God constantly.

Please… share you experience with seeking God and keeping Him in your life. Or, share about anything else I have written about here. I can’t wait to read about others experiences seeking God.

Blessings to you all and thanks for reading and sharing. : )

Seeking God!

Well I finally have a blog… now to decide on my first subject and get people to read and comment.

For information purposes of everyone who comes to my blog… this blog is about God and seeking Him in every part of your life. The importance of God as well as what it means to be a Christian… and whatever else comes up.

Please stay on the current subject if at all possible. But if you want some information about anything Christian, please let me know and we will go in that direction. Also, please, no cursing, violence or comments just to get some attention. And I don’t ask because I am a Christian and my eyes and ears will burn, I don’t push my beliefs on others… I ask because I want this to be fun, informative, revealing, and comfortable for everyone… I believe in freedom of speech but not at the expense of others. Being professional, mature, and nice is something we all should strive for. But if I am hacked, please just ignore and let me handle it.

Thank you for visiting and commenting… Now, lets have fun and talk about God.

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